#HealthPlusCare: Cura Systems reflections and next steps

We were delighted to have Cura Systems chosen as a MUST SEE show exhibitor.  So many customers and delegates visited the stand and the talk given by Lynne Omar on how times are changing in care and GDPR compliant care technology.  It created a buzz; almost as much as CuraCat, our latest semi-artificially intelligent mascot that took pride of place on our stand, much to the amusement of passers-by and visitors such as Vic Rayner of the National Care Forum.

Incidentally, CuraCat had more than a token role, she (it!) is currently being used by care homes such as Barchester Healthcare and evidently provides positive results for the residents’ wellbeing and quality of life; once again illustrating the benefits of using technology in a care environment.

We were excited to see technology was high on the agenda for many delegates and as well as many of the speakers throughout the two days, urging service providers to embrace technology to advance care. This year’s Health Plus Care show was significant in that there was so much more emphasis on service providers going digital.  The plethora of automation systems must have been quite mind-boggling to care providers that are contemplating the move to adopt technology!

Technology is constantly evolving, finding new ways of doing things easier, smarter, better, faster and at Cura Systems, we love bringing these changes to service providers in an easily usable and affordable form.  Cura’s development road map is evolving in line with service provider needs, whether large or small.

The go-digital message seems to be finally landing, but digital transformation is not just about computers, tablets and smart mobiles. It is about getting the cultural and attitude changes being in place at all levels to make technology work. It’s also about the vendor that holds your hand and guides you through the “digital fog”.

We need a wider range of voices and a deeper insight into how the change is experienced. This is why Cura Systems are hosting customer and prospect roadshows in September throughout the UK. If you would like to attend or more information please contact us.

If you missed the Cura AI Cat (and of course a demo of Cura) don’t worry, we will be making more appearances during the Caring UK events.

And if you simply cannot wait that long you might consider booking a free Cura demo today.

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